Talent & Technology


Several specific factors provide a significant overall advantage to using ProTech's Contract Services: 


  • Ability to obtain qualified, experienced people in a tight job market
  • Specific labor needs are met
  • Rapid solutions to problems are provided
  • Ability to find staff quicker and more efficiently
  • Timely project completion and implementation 


  • Increased productivity – from day one
  • Accomplish company objectives without having to hire full-time employees


  • Wider range of technical skills available
  • No need to train people in ever changing technology
  • Complement existing staff with skills they don’t have
  • Greater access to top people

Cost Control

  • Variable costs versus fixed costs
  • Availability of “right” resource when needed can save “lost opportunity” costs


  • Try before you buy
  • Less management time required to manage consultants
  • Access to professional hiring expertise
  • No need to lay off permanent employees once project is completed

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