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Our corporate culture—what it’s like to work here—is founded on some basic principles. We respect each other and we work together to meet our customers’ needs. We’re a highly-ethical company that believes in honesty and integrity. We value personal responsibility and initiative. No one will stand over you telling you exactly what to do. It’s your responsibility to dive right in, ask questions and tackle as many tasks as you can. We place a very low value on bureaucracy. That just gets in the way of doing what’s right for the customer. We’re incredibly focused and committed.

Regardless of their role or job title, Members of the ProTech team will tell you they have two things in common: dedication to their customers and pride in their role on the ProTech team.

At ProTech, we have developed a pleasant, positive working environment, and actively encourage every person in our company to be committed to our goals, to develop their own abilities, and to share in our success.

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